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Reservations must be made no later than 48 hours of when the service is to be rendered.


No Show Policy:


If passenger is not available to board when Wheeler Transportation driver arrives, the passenger will be considered a NO SHOW and WILL NOT RECEIVE A REFUND unless passenger has notified Wheeler Transportation 48 hours in advance.


Payment Options & Cancellations:


Payments will be made 48 hours in advance with VISA/MasterCard or Zelle.


Payments are required before boarding unless prior arrangements have been made with company.


Please cancel a trip 72hours before the scheduled pickup time.


Rules / Rider Conduct:


  • Photo I.D. – Photo ID (e.g. Drivers License, State issued ID) is required to board bus.

  • Eating/Drinking – is permitted within reason. Beverages must have secure lids.

  • Smoking/Alcohol – are prohibited.

  • Weapon Contraband – guns, knives, etc. are not permitted on the bus.

  • Drug Contraband – if any person is found with drugs or drug paraphernalia (e.g. pipes, marijuana, coke, in any form, rolling papers, etc.) they will be detained at the prison and arrested. If any drugs or drug paraphernalia are found on the bus EVERYONE will be denied entrance to the facility. Please be mindful that  Wheeler Transportation submit voluntarily to a thorough search at each facility. If we are turned back for the above reason, there will be no refunds issued. Please be mindful of your conduct and how your conduct will affect your fellow passengers.

  • Cell Phones – Limit cell phone use to essential calls only. Keep conversations brief, speak in a low voice, and set ringers on vibrate. 

  • Audio Devices – Riders must use headphones with all audio devices such as radios or video games.


  • Behavior – conduct yourselves in a courteous & respectful manner, no offensive language. Transportation service will be terminated immediately if any person who is unruly, physically or verbally combative and acting in a manner that can possibly place themselves, riders or Wheeler Transportation driver in danger. If any of the aforementioned infractions occur, a refund will not be issued. 


  • Violations – anyone violating these rules will be permanently banned from traveling with Wheeler Transportation.

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